Cardiolyse became a part of Aalto University Ventures Program

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Cardiolyse became a part of Aalto University Ventures Program in 2017. Aalto University is the 7th in the world among universities under the age of 50. It is also the best young university in the Europe according to the latest QS rating.

The program was useful for all participants. “It was inspiring for me to take part in Aalto University Ventures Program. We worked with smart, open minded students with out of box thinking. It is extremely valuable skill, which Aalto university tries to develop and preserve. I was happy to see that Aalto embraces the diversity of students’ mindsets  instead of squeezing them into one way of thinking”, – commented Tatiana Nakonechna, Business Developer at Cardiolyse.

Aalto University background

Aalto picked up a trend, started by Stanford and Harvard universities. It launched a program to support promising students, aimed at creating a business. Furthermore, it decided to collaborate with developing organisations for educational purposes. This way Aalto University Ventures Program was created. It became one of the most popular in the field of business education.

Aalto University Ventures Program helps to construct entrepreneurial mindset in students. It gives students inspiration, capability and network. These are necessary to build new scalable businesses. Students not only get knowledge on the topic – they practice on real business cases of perspective startups.

Alto selects these startups according to strict criteria. All should have an innovative idea to their core and an experience of success. University wants to be sure students practice on the most well-designed projects. So, it invited Cardiolyse as one of the most perspective developing companies. We are very proud of this.

Cardiolyse background

  • Graduated Vertical Health Accelerator in Finland in Spring 2017.
  • Selected as one of the most promising startups to HealthTech Summit in Lausanne in June 2017.
  • Joined GE Health Innovation Village.

Cardiolyse is a digital healthcare startup focused on prevention of life-style heart disorders for active ageing people, particularly the 40 – 60 age group. Cardiolyse developed an algorithm which can define up to 400 different ECG and PPG parameters. They are all essential to understanding heart health. Algorithm collects and processes data, then gives understandable conclusions about individuals heart state. It makes ECG interpretation easy and personal health management possible for everyone. According to this capabilities, Cardiolyse established an ultimate aim. We want to increase a life expectancy of healthy users by preventing CVD’s at the very beginning.

In Aalto Uuniversity Ventures Program Cardiolyse was a part of the Growth and Internationalisation of Technology SMEs course. It took place from April to June 2017. Anna Starynska, CEO Cardiolyse, and Tatiana Nakonechna presented a Business Case to two student groups.

Students received an opportunity to analyse market fit, optimise service offerings. They developed a real Go-to-Market plan for our startup. In the final session, each group presented the final strategy to the company representatives.

And Cardiolyse opens the opportunity to join the internship for participants of the program.