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Cardiolyse crowdfunding open on Aescuvest.de


Happy to announce we've just opened a crowdfunding campaign on the Aescuvest platform! We've been looking forward to this day as it gives us all opportunity to shape the future of Cardiovascular Health together!

Aescuvest is the first pan-European digital venture capital platform in the healthcare space, dedicated to actively shaping the future of health in Europe and we are happy to be listed on their platform with this offer. They are powered by EIT Health and choose to support only the best of the best in the industry.

If you were waiting to invest in a pioneer #healthtech startup, it is the time!

Through Aescuvest every individual can invest in Cardiolyse and our cloud ECG & HRV* analysis platform that enables real-time remote monitoring of heart health and provides simple, personalized, and data-driven reports to identify risks up to two months in advance.

Read more about our campaign.

Why did we decide to take part in a public crowdfunding campaign?

— As CVD (Cardio Vascular Diseases) are the most common health issue, almost every one of us has experienced it at least within our extended family circles. Remote patient monitoring tools of Cardiolyse are making the lives of our friends and relatives longer, safer and happier!

— We strongly believe that an opportunity to invest in Health Care has to be given to someone, as we all are in charge of public health, not just big investment institutions. Cardiolyse is happy that now the community can shape the future of our well-being 🤝!

— We would like to have more people aware of our solutions and how they shape the medical care services. Cardiolyse has huge plans to be implemented in the hospitals' infrastructure around the world and we need your support in this mission🙏!

Invest today at Cardiolyse page on Aescuvest.de

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