Cardiolyse is entering Asian healthtech market

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Cardiolyse has made an important step to success in Asian healthtech market by entering the market of India. Cardiolyse brings cutting edge cardio-diagnostics and prevention to the wider range of population there.

Indian healthcare is in a controversial position. On the one hand, the quality of treatment in private hospitals is high. Foreigners come here often, seeking good and cheap healthcare. On the other hand, medical services are not affordable or available for most of the population. To the extent that 68% of people in India live in rural territories and only 2% of doctors work there*.

So, Indian healthcare requires innovative, efficient technologies. Cardiolyse services help medical institutions to bring diagnostics and permanently monitor people with heart failure as well as people with multiple conditions (like diabetes) at a very low cost. Complex regular ECG devices are more expensive in comparison with our technology. The latter also allows getting required information easier and faster. Furthermore, it can also analyse non-informative ECG parameters. As a result, early detection of cardio risks starts being available for population healthcare providers.

Consequently, the number of hospitalisations is lowered. It saves money from the budget of medical institutions. They may:

  1. Cover more population with diagnostic services;
  2. Make monitoring people with chronic heart diseases affordable and convenient;
  3. Focus more on other services, etc.

All these benefits make Cardiolyse highly interesting for the Indian market.


Cardiolyse background

Cardiolyse is a healthtech startup that provides heart wellness. Our cloud service with Heart and Emotional Score makes ECG interpretation accessible for everybody. It collects over 400 different parameters of ECG and creates understandable conclusions about heart health. Therefore, diagnostics becomes faster and more reliable. Cardiolyse platform can be used by doctors, patients and healthy people.

Cardiolyse is transforming the way people see medicine. We aspire to make it available for everyone. Our primary goal is to extend people’s healthy lives by giving them qualitative and affordable preventive tools.


* source – Britnell, Mark (2015). In Search of the Perfect Health System. London: Palgrave. p. 59. ISBN 978-1-137-49661-4.