Cardiolyse joined The GE Health Innovation Village

By July 21, 2017 No Comments

Cardiolyse becomes a part the GE Health Innovation Village in Helsinki from September 2017. GE launched GE Health Innovation Village in 2014 and soon enough it turned into a benchmark for open innovation. It is a co-located digital health ecosystem hub of small, medium and large companies working on breakthrough technologies to transform healthcare.


The trend of cooperation between large enterprises and innovative startups in the medtech grows fast. GE Healthcare is an excellent example of such cooperation, especially in the conservative healthcare industry.


GE Healthcare selects the most innovative and promising startups allowing them to benefit from the expertise and network of GE Healthcare and others onsite. Once the startup becomes a part of the GE Healthcare network, it receives a possibility to contact GE experts, partners and clients all over the world. “The benefits are indisputable, – comments Anna Starynska, Cardiolyse CEO, – we are now visible for GE Healthcare partners, clients, and the whole healthcare community. Nowadays, GE Healthcare Village houses just over 35 startups, and we are proud to be one of them.”


Cardiolyse focuses on cardio wellness. Our ultimate vision is to be an essential part of the population health monitoring and prevention, providing the best prognostic tools for managing heart health and leading the prevention of CVD’s. Collaboration with GE Healthcare makes our goals more achievable.


Investors, customers, healthcare professionals, researchers, universities, partners, regulators, distributors continuously visit the GE Health Innovation Village to evaluate growing companies and provide support to them. It creates a unique community where companies share information, ideas, strategies for faster development. Healthtech experts of GE Healthcare and other larger companies bring deep domain knowledge to these discussions to make them more efficient and effective. All these factors make joining the GE Health innovation Village highly valuable for Cardiolyse. Another step to a worldwide success!