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Cardiolyse Cardiac Analytics solution in COVID-19 Disruptive circumstances

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Cardiolyse aims to support the high-risk groups’ cardiac health monitoring and management in Coronavirus pandemic circumstances

At the disruptive times with the COVID-19 outbreak growing Cardiolyse is all-hands ready to expand the availability of our platform and deliver the solution to those of high cardiac risk and elderly people currently isolated at home or restricted from safe & easy medical facilities access.

We’re calling for partners among device manufacturers, telemedicine and healthcare providers to jointly deliver a comprehensive remote cardiac monitoring tool to enable the insightful at-home measurements and eliminate the hospital visits, as well as the associated risks.

The Cardiolyse-integrated device can be delivered to patients home providing them with the opportunity to monitor their heart with ECG record automatically interpreted and the instant cardiac health assessment provided, with no cardiologist or GP's manual work.

‘’Now, the benefits of remote, safe, and accurate cardiac health monitoring are more than obvious. We’re aiming to support those most vulnerable populations in the effective management of their chronic conditions which is of highest priority no matter the pandemic circumstances”, – commented Anna Starynska, co-founder and CEO at Cardiolyse.

Within the in-hospital care Cardiolyse, the cardiac analytics cloud platform can enable the patient's QTc monitoring and analysis to detect the potentially life-threatening QT prolongation effect of some COVID-19 treating medications.

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