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Cardiolyse Was Honored to Present Our Technology At European Society of Cardiology Congress in Paris

World’s biggest cardiology event - European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress in Paris has been a great success.

More than 33,000 health professionals gathered over five days to attend 600 expert sessions covering the entire spectrum of cardiovascular medicine, visit the sessions showcasing 28 key clinical trials, share knowledge and global scientific experience, learn and gain new advances, network and cooperate.

Cardiolyse was greatly honored and excited to present our technology at the Digital Health section. Our CMO, Masha Nerobeieva shared the impact of Cardiolyse’s preventive cardiac analytics in chronic disease cardiac comorbidities management and the positive outcome of integrating our solution in existing patient’s non-clinical environment care practices.

Healthcare innovation is amplifying, and not replacing, human intelligence.

And with digital health now being the third-largest industry in the European health sector, we believe that the ESC Congress 2019 event’s discussions, pitches, and debates will effectively work towards healthcare digitalization, build trust and ultimately contribute to the global healthcare improvement.

We were glad to meet old friends and colleagues, to lead off some new solid partnerships, while also having connected with global experts and get their feedback on our platform to make it even more insightful for cardiac healthcare providers.

Looking forward to the next events coming.

P.S. Special thanks to the World Heart Federation for the amazing selfie booth

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Cardiolyse Was Honored to Present Our Technology At European Society of Cardiology Congress in Paris

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