Cardiolyse Fatigue Assistant impact

Cardiolyse Fatigue Assistant

Fatigued employees make 40% more errors. If unmanaged chronic fatigue can seriously decrease cognitive abilities and ability to make weight decisions, reduce coordination and slower reaction time. Avoid it and boost the productivity of your team with Cardiolyse Fatigue Assistant.

  • Holistic Approach
  • Individual and Team Fatigue Assessment
  • Device Agnostic
  • Lifestyle Management
  • Timely Alerts
Cardiolyse Fatigue Dashboards

Fatige Assistant Features

Detect fatigue and eliminate it

We made fatigue detection easy and cost-effective. Our solution is so practical and comfortable that members of your team can use it anywhere and at any time.

Focus on productivity

The healthier the worker, the better the results of work. Make your team members more efficient without stressing them out. Reduce their fatigue levels with Cardiolyse and the profit will not take long to wait.

Lower the number of errors

Fatigued employees make 40% more errors.

Protect your company from errors or incidents with Cardiolyse Fatigue Assisstant.

Improve the health of your team

Ease of the fatigue management process motivates employees to monitor the state of their nervous system and keep it in a balanced condition. As a result, people get the significant improvement of health.

Prevent fatigue-related diseases

Chronic fatigue can result in depression, cardiovascular disorders, and even cancer. Reduce your employees’ fatigue levels and lower your company’s healthcare expenses.

Boost the emotional state

Less fatigue – less unreasonable apathy, drowsiness, impatience or irritability. Change the atmosphere of your work team towards a positive mood and increased efficiency.

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