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Fatigue risk

for critical safety job performers

  • real-time fatigue and heart disorders risk monitoring
  • work-related and personal lifestyle contributors analysis
  • sending alerts on increased fatigue levels to the control room and user instantly

Fatigue is reported to be a cause of 20%+ of all accidents only in transport industry itself.

Being an occupational risk in medical sector fatigue impacts doctor's workplace health and safety, with obvious implications for patient safety.

Successful management of fatigue risk is a shared responsibility in any business area.

And since people themselves are not the best evaluators of their own alertness state the innovative and clinically proven comprehensive tracking solution is needed.

Mental and Physical Fatigue Scan

Heart rate variability (HRV) analysis allows to monitor person’s transient, cumulative and circadian fatigue in real time, which may not be visually or physically noticeable enough to realize the severity of the condition.

Abnormal Work Activity Tracking

Synchronizing with GoogleFit or AppleHeath we track end-users activity to detect necessary work breaks within the shift: periods of physical activities for people with sedentary work and rest periods for people with active work.

Convenient & Independent Health Self-Management

Circadian rhythms analysis allows tracking the chronotype of a person to predict a typical drowsiness condition at certain time period and track non-characteristic autonomous nervous system reactions.

Cardiolyse Fatigue Risk Management solution provides the seamless real-time measurement of fatigue risks and alerts the supervisory control room and the user on potential increase in fatigue levels to prevent accidents

We analyse evidence-based, data-driven and research-proven fatigue risk contributors:



shifts number


risk score

on duty

of the day

And more

We monitor for both physical and mental fatigue, analyzing person's autonomic nervous system parameters and the lifestyle-related fatigue contributors.

Universal Fatigue Score

Our fatigue management solution is based on proprietary machine-learning ECG and HRV processing algorithms that track, analyze and help decreasing the level of fatigue. Cardiolyse's Universal Fatigue Score develops the personalized work & lifestyle parameters baseline to detect the individual level of fatigue and send reliable alerts.

How it works


Cardiolyse mobile
apps and web dashboard


Cardiolyse processing cloud


Wearable HRV device


Safety outcomes

  • Demonstrated safety benefits of accidents prevented and lives saved
  • Improved team members alertness
  • Team fatigue levels dashboard
  • Better work life balance
  • Increased productivity and rostering flexibility
  • Innovative paperless digital solution

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