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Microsoft for Startups $120K Azure Sponsorship Offer Received

As a member of the Microsoft for Startups program, we’re excited and thankful for the additional $90K Azure Sponsorship offer, $120K in total, that we received today.

The program is dedicated to bringing technical and business support to help entrepreneurs tackling the world’s toughest challenges quickly bring their innovative solutions to those in need across Healthcare, Sustainability, and Accessibility.

It’s an incredible support and encouraging trust in our company, as well as in the business case and the concept our team has presented earlier to Microsoft.
The security, reliability, and accessibility of our platform as well as the fast and safe data processing is a key priority and main focus for us at Cardiolyse. And we’re honored and happy to have such a fruitful partnership with Microsoft Azure on our way of bringing the easily accessible yet highly secured digital health solution to the medical facilities, telemedicine platforms, and patients.

Image: https://startups.microsoft.com/en-us/

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