Cardiolyse joined The GE Health Innovation Village

Cardiolyse becomes a part the GE Health Innovation Village in Helsinki from September 2017. GE launched GE Health Innovation Village in 2014 and soon enough it turned into a benchmark for open innovation. It is a co-located digital health ecosystem hub of small, medium and large companies working on breakthrough technologies to transform healthcare.


The trend of cooperation between large enterprises and innovative startups in the medtech grows fast. GE Healthcare is an excellent example of such cooperation, especially in the conservative healthcare industry.


GE Healthcare selects the most innovative and promising startups allowing them to benefit from the expertise and network of GE Healthcare and others onsite. Once the startup becomes a part of the GE Healthcare network, it receives a possibility to contact GE experts, partners and clients all over the world. “The benefits are indisputable, – comments Anna Starynska, Cardiolyse CEO, – we are now visible for GE Healthcare partners, clients, and the whole healthcare community. Nowadays, GE Healthcare Village houses just over 35 startups, and we are proud to be one of them.”


Cardiolyse focuses on cardio wellness. Our ultimate vision is to be an essential part of the population health monitoring and prevention, providing the best prognostic tools for managing heart health and leading the prevention of CVD’s. Collaboration with GE Healthcare makes our goals more achievable.


Investors, customers, healthcare professionals, researchers, universities, partners, regulators, distributors continuously visit the GE Health Innovation Village to evaluate growing companies and provide support to them. It creates a unique community where companies share information, ideas, strategies for faster development. Healthtech experts of GE Healthcare and other larger companies bring deep domain knowledge to these discussions to make them more efficient and effective. All these factors make joining the GE Health innovation Village highly valuable for Cardiolyse. Another step to a worldwide success!

Cardiolyse is one of the 40 most promising digital healthcare startups in Europe!

Cardiolyse was chosen as one of the 40 most promising digital healthcare startups in Europe to participate in the 8th edition of the Healthtech Summit in Lausanne 26-28 June.

Wlodek Laskowski, our CFO, presented Cardiolyse to the leading investors and industry partners. “It was an inspiring event and highly productive three days. At Cardiolyse we were delighted to be among the most talented Healthcare teams in Europe. It was also extremely encouraging to see the top-level VC funds being highly interested in the opportunities of CVD prevention market.”

Cardiolyse’s ultimate goal is to enable heart health self-management, which will empower people to extend their independent and healthy life until 60 years and beyond.

Cardiolyse markets B2B Saas HRV and ECG processing platform with Heart and Emotional Wellbeing predictive score. It provides:

  • sophisticated ECG analysis,
  • individual ECG and HRV baselines as well as
  • personalised recommendations.

Therefore, it enables creating personalised ideal lifestyle. To put it another way, it helps to create habits that fit each user individually to prolong healthy lifetime and to retard cardiovascular ageing for people in their 40s-60s to slow down health deterioration in general.

Our vision is to be an essential part of the population health monitoring and prevention, providing the best prognostic tools for managing heart health and leading the prevention of CVDs.

The Healthtech Summit is the leading independent European platform for investment in Digital Health and Medtech since its 1st edition in 2008 and is organised by Tech Tour. Venture Capitalist Sven Lingjaerde founded the Tech Tour in 1998. As of 2013, the Tech Tour is collaborating with the International Venture Club (IVC) and Europe Unlimited on all events and activities.

Cardiolyse & 112Motion solution shortlisted for The Wearables 2017 award

Health Alert was shortlisted for The Wearables 2017 Award in the category Digital Health Technology Award.

Health Alert is a joint solution of 112Motion wearable capable of detecting a fall, feature a personal alarm and personalised health analytics from Cardiolyse. The “Alert” products and Health Decision Support platform are key components of the Personal Health System, addressing needs of tomorrow’s patients. This Health Decision Support platform uses Cardiolyse Heart and Emotional Wellness Score algorithms as it’s core.

Cardiolyse has developed proprietary Heart and Emotional Wellness Score algorithms to actively monitor people’s wellbeing.

Cardiolyse is a UK e-healthcare company focused on analytics of human heart electro signals (using both ECG and PPG sensors). With Cardiolyse patented algorithms we extract from 35 to 400 parameters and structure them into Heart Wellness Score. Easy-to-understand for the end user, it can drive behavioural changes, showing a correlation of lifestyle and heart conditions in everyday life.

Using wearables with Cardiolyse Heart and Emotional Wellness Score can engage users in reaching unprecedented levels of healthy behaviour.

Source of the awards information –

Cardiolyse retrospective. 8 months of 2016 results retrospective. 8 months of 2016 results:
ECG (electrocardiogram) processing platform that helps to predict and prevent heart diseases is developed.
– TOP-70 Best European Startups at Pioneers’2016
– TOP-50 Startups investors want to see on Collision Conf’2016
– Selected participant of Silicon Valley Open Door’2016
– Selected participant of Novartis HealthTech Lab at Vivatech’2016
– Winner of Startup.Battle in Ukraine Spring’2016
– Best Ukrainian startup-2016 according to UVCA investors decision.
– Selected participant at TechCrunch SF’2016
Market deployment started – first pilot projects with telemedicine companies in EU.

And more to come!

Cardiolyse is supported by Isis Innovations team is happy to be supported by Isis Innovations, a subsidiary of the University of Oxford.


Isis works with researchers from leading research organizations globally to identify routes and partners for commercialization. It usually works with technologies emerging from the University of Oxford. Therefore, our team was excited to be an exclusion from this rule.


We also work with Isis Innovations in China (Hong Kong) to facilitate international technology transfers. You can find our presentation on Isis Innovations in China. You can find Cardiolyse presentation on Isis Innovations in China.


Cardiolyse welcomes the collaboration with investors and business partners by license or equity investment; that`s why we are glad to cooperate with the research and technology commercialization company of the University of Oxford – Isis Innovations to represent our technology.


Cardiolyse works together with Isis Innovations to promote our new technology of Intelligent ECG!

Cardiolyse team took part in Investing in Medical Innovations – Congress & Fair

Cardiolyse was a part of International event as an innovator on 18–19 February 2016 in Katowice. The Congress was held in parallel with the Health Challenges Congress, which attended about 3,000 participants.

The main goal of the Congress was to present investors with the innovators’ potential and facilitate their communication by establishing a regular Forum for exchanging ideas and opinions between investors representing a diverse capital with innovators, inventors, and rationalizers who conduct research and development works in medicine and related areas.

Andrei Karol, the project manager of Cardiolyse Ltd, presented medical technology of smart, thorough and exact ECG. Participants had a chance to discuss the new solutions in e-healthcare that support Active Healthy Ageing in Europe and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

«Doing just one 3 minutes measurement a day we can see the interconnection between such factors of lifestyle as treatment, sports activities, emotional or work stress and heart conditions. The system calculates individual norm of ECG for each person and provides a personalized recommendation for effective cardio care outside of hospitals», – said Andrei.

It is a new generation of ECG solutions. It`s Cardiolyse!