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Diabetes Cardiovascular
Comorbidities Prevention

  • both rest ECG and Holter remote cardiac monitoring and analysis
  • cardiovascular risk assessment for impactful prediabetes and diabetes conditions management
  • undiagnosed CVD symptoms revelation for diabetes risk factor groups
Cardiolyse detects the early trend of increased cardiovascular risk, allowing diabetes patients to effectively manage their conditions and prevent the long-term cardiovascular complications.

Diabetes and Prediabetes diagnosed patients

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the main mortality and morbidity cause in diabetic populations, causing 50,3% of all deaths.

Monitoring the cardiovascular risk is critical to minimize the long-term cardiovascular complications of the disease, as well as control and treat it properly to eliminate both the disease' prevalence and economic burden.

Risk Factor groups and undiagnosed patients

Both Type l and ll diabetes often remain undiagnosed until the severe symptoms emerge, requiring hospitalization. Prediabetes has no symptoms at all.

Managing the risk factors, like high blood pressure, lack of physical activity or smoking, while monitoring the heart health with electrocardiogram, people can eliminate or put off the heart and blood vessel disease development.

Cardiac Abnormalities Detection

Reliable solution to detect 20+ types of Arrythmias, Atrial Fibrillation, Myocardial Infarction & Ischemia, Right & Left Ventricular Hypertrophy and other abnormalities

Personalized Cardiac Risk Scores

CE-certified algorithms to accurately determine the position of any vital parameter on a scale of personal baseline — pathology, processed in a secured cloud platform

Convenient & Independent Health Self-Management

Device-agnostic software platform for better healthcare providers' compliance with a patient-centric approach

How it works

Platform-integrated digital ECG device

of any leads number to gather patient's vital parameters remotely

Dedicated iOS or Android application

to connect with the device, send patients ECG records to the cloud and get instant heart health reports

Web Dashboard

to manage user accounts, monitor patients' heart risk trends, view insightful cardiac reports and request billings

Secured cloud processing

for ECG records processing, storage and CE-certified automatic interpretation, and personalised cardiac risk prediction


Healthcare providers

  • CE-certified algorithms for instant automatic cardiac abnormalities detection
  • Cross-platform device-agnostic solution, supplied in a secured cloud
  • Cost burden reduction, driven by early risk assessment, hospital visits eliminated and dangerous heart events prevented
  • Fast ecosystem integration and tailored pricing



  • Assessing the visible impact of assigned therapy
  • Plain and compelling reports for better lifestyle adjustments
  • Lowered insurance premiums with personal health trendwatching
  • Peace of mind with chronic conditions managed and critical heart events prevented

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