Cardiolyse provides solution for Fatigue management for medical workers


Cardiolyse Fatigue Assistant provides indisputable benefits for healthcare workers and their patients. Our technology allows doctors and nurses to manage fatigue levels. As a result, they acquire better concentration, mood and increased performance. It lowers the number of errors, so patients receive better healthcare services.

Elderly care

Cardiolyse helps to extend healthy and happy ageing. We give you the ability to monitor the health of elderly relatives in retirement houses, providing you and the medical staff information about their physical and emotional state.

Cardiolyse Fatigue Assisstant for corporate wellness

Corporate wellness

Our platform allows employers  to manage fatigue levels of their teams to prevent mistakes and increase productivity. Moreover, it helps to reduce the number of sick leaves due to fatigue-related diseases and combat rising healthcare costs.

Military/First aid/Police

People, who work in those areas experience constant stress, which makes them the most prone to fatigue and related disorders. When fatigue becomes extreme, reaction time becomes longer, speed of decision-making is reduced, which puts the worker’s health and life in danger. Cardiolyse detects when fatigue levels are high and the risk becomes significant to help manage both of them.

Cardiolyse monitors physical and emotional and fatigue assessment.

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