Nowadays, even the most advanced and user-friendly ECG devices only transfer data to doctors or warn patients of imminent heart problems such as a myocardial infarction (heart attack). Furthermore, when a doctor examines an electrocardiogram they are trained to look for signs of disease, rather than analyse heart performance.  Our algorithm shows not only whether your heart is healthy or not, but (quantitatively) measures how well your heart is functioning.

Timely actions

What if there was a way to turn any ECG device into a tool for (disease) prevention? Heart disorders are often discovered far too late (once the damage has been done) but what if we could be prepared? In order to foresee heart conditions, we need to the right tools to collect personal data. Cardiolyse technology allows you to track how your heart reacts to everyday activities. It is the end of treating different people (with unique hearts) the same way.

Focus on health

Traditional approaches focus too much on reactive health care (once a problem has arisen) and not enough on health — they focus too much on information and not enough on using that information to inspire action. Cardiolyse’s unique scoring algorithm helps users to focus on improving their current health. The time has come for individual health management!

Sophisticated analysis

The Cardiolyse algorithm defines over 250 different parameters, all essential to understanding heart health, including the “so-called” non-informative parameters. The algorithm analyses all the curves of the ECG and presents information about the user’s current heart state in an actionable form.

Meaningful information

Cardiolyse places each parameter on a scale from a norm to pathology. They are then grouped into four blocks vital for everyday health management: Stamina level, Heart muscle state, Heart rhythm disturbances and Emotional state.

Fuzzy mathimatics & neural networks

Cardiolyse uses neural networks and fuzzy calculus for user’s identification and enhancing the accuracy of the mid-term forecast of his or her cardiovascular state.

Cardiolyse Technology


Any ECG device
Universal ECG Score
Analysis of myocardial damage
Syndromic ECG analysis
Minnesota coding
Prognostic level analysis
Fuzzy logic
  • Analysis of the cardiovascular and its dynamics
  • Early detection of cardio risks
  • Owers the number of hospitalizations
  • Weekly/monthly notifications about your health even if they are far away
  • Gets your statistics and gives you discounts
  • Early detection of cardiovascular risks and their prevention
  • Reduction of the hospitalization and emergency treatment costs
  • Day-by-day health statistics Timely advice from your doctor
  • Prediction of dynamics of your heart health
  • Tips for the healthier lifestyle
  • Less time and money spent on heart diseases treatment
  • Discounts from you insurance company
Your track to
healthy and active life


Cardiolyse is an e-healthcare company focused on analytics of human heart electro signals, providing cardiocare at any time, anywhere at very low cost.

We are interested in new investment opportunities for further improvement of our products.

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Anna Starynska
CEO Cardiolyse, PMP

- 19 years in project management in complex multinational projects;
- an owner of two successful companies;
- one of the first project management evangelists in Ukraine in 2000's;
- obsessed with CVD prevention.

Illya Chaikovsky
CSO Cardiolyse, MD, PhD multiple

- 25 years in cardiology;
- a lead scientist of Academy of Science (Ukraine);
- an author of two amazing technologies: Cardiolyse EKG Scoring System and Magnetocardiography that allows an in-hospital early detection of ischemia.

Andrei Karol

- 10 years in project and product management in IT, healthcare and manufacturing;
- a certified Project Manager Professional since 2012;
- a technology perfectionist.

Tetiana Nakonechna
Marketing and Crowdfunding

Tetiana is a marketing manager with more than five years of experience in marketing and usability interfaces. Tetiana is creative and has strong communicative and analytical skills. Her passion is to make complex systems and things understandable for anyone.

Viktor Bocharnikov
Fuzzy Mathematics Scientist, PhD

Viktor is a professor of National Aviation University (Ukraine) and leading Ukrainian scientist in Fuzzy technology.

Illya Bocharnikov
Business Analyst

Illya is professional Business Analyst with profound knowledge and skills for analysis and forecast of the marketing, product and services promotions, financial tools.