Prevent heart diseases in your 40s-60s and manage your wellness

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Focus on heart health

Medical diagnostics search for diseases, but we help you to avoid them. No more reactive treatments — it’s time to improve the health you already have. We will help you to create your ideal lifestyle and form healthy habits.

Timely actions in your 40+

Cardiolyse opens new possibilities for your health at any age whether you are 40 or 60. You can instantly spot activities, which are harmful to you. It will change the way you live your life — more benefits, more happiness.

Individual norm

It’s the end of treating unique hearts the same way. It becomes possible thanks to our technology of detecting individual ECG and HRV baseline. The more you use Cardiolyse, the more you will discover about your health and find patterns.

Overtraining Detection

Training is essential, but overtraining may significantly slow down your progress. With Cardiolyse, even the earliest signs of overtraining are captured and managed, to help you stay healthy, being the best performer.

Energy management

Boost your productivity with Cardiolyse! We show you your energy levels and help to improve them every day. Small actions lead to big results with Cardiolyse.


Prevention is more efficient and healthy than treating an existing heart disease. We provide three levels of analysis: preventive, diagnostic and prognostic. Make the best-informed decisions for your health!

How long do you plan to be healthy?

Our project is designed to increase the duration of your heart health. We help you to postpone the beginning of heart disorders, so you can be active, healthy and happy longer.

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Use it in Corporate Wellness Programs

Cardiolyse Fatigue Assistant impact

Cardiolyse technologies allow you to manage the state of your team. We track the personal ECG and HRV baseline of each user, provide personalised recommendations and help you to enhance the state of your employees. It allows to lower the healthcare costs, number of mistakes and increase employees effectiveness.

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Team effectiveness

The more healthy emotionally and physically people are — the more efficient they become. Cardiolyse helps to create ideal lifestyles for employees so that everybody can get the most out of their skills.

Personal Baseline

Each team member is a unique person. Cardiolyse algorithms detect personal ECG and HRV baseline, so everyone can see their health state and improve it.

Individual program

Thanks to personal baseline our recommendations are tailored to both individual state and context. Make personalised health self-management a reality for every employee.

Energy management

Increase the energy of your team today with Cardiolyse! We show users their energy levels and help to improve them every day. Active workers are more productive, so the benefits won’t take long to come.

Track the state of the team

Cardiolyse technology allows to track how people cope with their tasks. Get the best performance without overstressing your employees.


Healthcare costs are rising year after year. But with Cardiolyse, prevention of heart diseases is easy and efficient.We make your team members motivated to stay healthy.


ECGs analysed
HRV analysed
Saved lifes

Transform your device into lifestyle assistant with Cardiolyse analytics

Lifestyle assistant

Cardiolyse Heart and Emotional Wellbeing score and personalised recommendations are tailored to both individual state and your lifestyle context. Transform our devices into the lifestyle assistant!

Personal Baseline

Each person is unique. Cardiolyse algorithms detect personal ECG and HRV baseline, so everyone can see their health state and improve it.

Compatible devices

Cardiolyse is device agnostic. We can analyse information from ECG and PPG sensors. If you only plan to integrate these sensors into your device, we can help you with advice on the best sensors on the market.


Cardiolyse provides early detection of overtraining and helps to avoid it with our daily training load recommendations.

Effective trainings

Training effectiveness depends on training load, consistency of training, recovery. We give more — the information about individual reactions of each person: recovery since the previous day, stress levels and even emotional state!


Healthcare costs are rising year after year. We provide profound and easy to use analytics with Preventive, Diagnostic and Prognostic levels of analysis.

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