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Our mission

is to serve greater longevity and prevent heart disorders for elevated heart risk groups through innovative and clinically proven predictive algorithms


The ultimate vision we have is to be an essential part of the population's health monitoring and heart disease prevention systems, providing the best prognostic tools for managing heart health and leading the prediction of cardiovascular diseases (CVD), chronic fatigue and burnout.


We act on values of Health Sustainability, Innovation, Reliability and Collaboration to globally improve people's heart health.


Anna Starynska

Chief Executive Office

Has MS in Computer & Data Science and is an impeccable project manager with more than 25 years of experience in leading multinational complex projects, such as European Commission initiative for the 15 Nuclear Power Plants maintenance optimisation and the Global Tuberculosis Fund projects management. She is a natural leader, truly passionate about improving heart health, and a serial entrepreneur who bootstrapped the company with her life savings.

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Illya Chaikovsky

Chief Science Officer

MD, multiple PhD with more than 25 years of practicing in cardiology. He's the globally-renowned scientist, whose invaluable experience gained at Institute of Cybernetics, the Ukrainian Academy of Science, his German Radgein University PhD work and multiple researches form the core of Cardiolyse CE-certified ECG processing algorithms and patents. Illya is leading an advisory PhDs in Cardiology, Cybernetics, Neural Networks and Data Science, that together with the development team are constanly improving and clinically validating our algorithms.

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Company launch


First algorithms finalized and web-platform developed


Oxford University and China Kadoorie Biobank ongoing validation project start


Patents for Method of ECG Evaluation Based on Universal ECG Scoring System filed


Ongoing pilot on CVD remote heart health monitoring in India start


Fatigue Risk Management proof of concept for liability insurance launched


Company brand update, Heart Health monitoring Android and iOS app update

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Austin Cardiology

Interrelation of the Level of Fatigue and the Parameters of the Energy Supply of Activity for Medical Workers

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Adaptation of medical staff cardiovascular systems to night shifts working

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IEEE Xplore

Investigation of the ECG leads sensitivity to Myocardial Ischemia by Means of Biophysical Model

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Cardiolyse Review Article

Prevalence, Risk Factors and Risk Stratification of Cardiovascular Diseases in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus

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CE certification
Top-10 Ukrainian-UK startup contest winner
Top-100 Startups at Slush, Finland
Alumni of Startupbootcamp Digital Health, Berlin
Seal of Excellence certificate from European Commission
GE Healthcare Innovation Village Resident
Selected participant of Novartis HealthTech Lab at Vivatech
Selected participant at TechCrunch SF


We've successfully risen €500К for Cardiolyse initial platform developmen, market research and clinical trials, along with first successful pilots with world's key players from insurance and pharma sectors, hospital inpatient and outpatient units.

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Cardiolyse has opened its last investment round now to grow exponentially, conduct cardiovascular researches of global value, maintain further clinical trials and develop more product features of patients' and healthcare providers' value while enhancing our team with the robust talent to tackle emerging challenges and receiving certifications for the next markets enter.

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