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Real-time remote
cardiac monitoring

  • reliable chronic cardiovascular disease control and management
  • timely high-value and insightful medical care support
  • innovative machine-learning algorithms for ECG parameters personalization and analysis

Cardiac Abnormalities Detection

Reliable solution to detect 20+ types of Arrythmias, Atrial Fibrillation, Myocardial Infarction & Ischemia, Right & Left Ventricular Hypertrophy and other abnormalities

Personalized Cardiac Risk Scores

CE-certified algorithms to accurately determine the position of any vital parameter on a scale of personal baseline — pathology, processed in a secured cloud platform

Convenient & Independent Health Self-Management

Device-agnostic software platform for better healthcare providers' compliance with a patient-centric approach

Cardiolyse is a core component in the preventive healthcare,
enabling the non-clinical environment chronic disease complications management and patients' quality of life improvement

How it works

Doctor prescribes Cardiolyse remote cardiac monitoring with a platform-integrated device to a patient

Doctor creates a new patient record, accessing the platform from the web or the dedicated iOS or Android application

Patient installs the Cardiolyse app and registers in the system accordingly

Patient receives the user-friendly report on his heart risk level, stamina and myocardium scores, stress level and heart biological age metrics

ECG recording of the patient is being taken and sent to the secured cloud for the instant cardiac analysis

Patient initiates a 30-second ECG monitoring record, connecting the Cardiolyse-integrated device to the app via bluetooth

Doctor receives the comprehensive report with up to 400 ECG parameters analyzed, patient's baseline-personalized and presented in plain traffic-lighted report, while sending an alert to doctor's app if a critical event risk is detected


For healthcare providers

  • CE-certified cloud platform with protected data processing
  • Comprehensive data analytics for clinically relevant insight
  • Realtime remote affordable tracking of all-known vital parameters
  • Cost burden reduction, driven by eliminated hospital visits and dangerous heart events prevention
  • Tailored pricing for individual requirements


For patients

  • Assessing the visible impact of assigned therapy
  • Plain and compelling reports for better lifestyle adjustments
  • Lowered insurance premiums
  • Critical heart events prevented

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on heart health improvement